• MBBR Bio Filter media

    MBBR Bio Filter media

    Equipment Features 1. Directly put, no need to fix, free movement in the aeration tank, no dead angle, good mass transfer 2. Easy to hang membrane, high biological activity of membrane, no clogging, no repeated flushing, no sludge reflux 3. Stable material and long service life 4. Large specific surface area and small pressure head loss 5. Easy design, installation, maintenance and replacement 6. High efficiency of oxygen transfer and energy saving 7. Can be applied to aerobic, anoxic and ana...

  • Urban integrated sewage treatment

    Urban integrated sewage treatment

    Equipment Features 1. Set “flush”, “irrigation” and “direct discharge” three modes, can realize automatic conversion. 2. The whole machine running power<40W, night running noise<45dB. 3. Remote control, running signal 4G, WIFI transmission. 4. Flexible solar technology integration, equipped with utility and solar power management module. 5. One key to initiate remote assistance, professional engineers to provide service. 6. The overall shape of the shell ...

  • Glass fiber reinforced plastic purification tank

    Glass fiber reinforced plastic purification tank

    Equipment Features 1. Material: high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastic, life expectancy up to 30 years 2. Advanced technology, good treatment effect: learn from Japan, Germany process, combined with the actual situation of China’s village sewage independent research and development 3. The use of fillers with large specific surface area, to improve the volume load, stable operation, the effluent to meet the standards. 4. High degree of integration: integrated design, compact design...

  • Househould sewage treatment unit Scavenger

    Househould sewage treatment unit Scavenger

    Device Features 1. ABC mode automatic switching(irrigation, toilet flushing reuse, discharge to river) 2. Low energy consumption and low noise 3. Solar energy integration technology 4. The operating power of the whole machine is less than 40W, and the operating noise at night is less than 45dB. 5. Remote control, running signal 4G, WIFI transmission. Flexible solar technology integration, equipped with mains and solar management modules. 6. One-click remote assistance, professional engineers ...


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